A.V.T. IT Company: our recommendation

A.V.T. IT Company: our recommendation

9 years of successful partnership: Attorney at Law Aivars Bērziņš. Since 2003 he has been requested to act as the arbitrator at the Latvian International Arbitration Court, Riga Arbitration Court and Ziemeļkurzeme /North-Western Latvia/ Arbitration Court. In 1999 after a successful pass of the attorney exam he is sworn in by the President of the Read more about A.V.T. IT Company: our recommendation[…]

Python for schoolchildren: Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, Ukraine, A.V.T. Company will sponsor mentor

Python for schoolchildren: A.V.T. Company will sponsor and mentor the Education center pandUA

Python for schoolchildren: Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, Ukraine, A.V.T. Company will sponsor mentor the Education center pandUA  Good start: since 01 November 2018 more than 50 schoolchildren learning Python.  CTO A.V.T. Andrei Tolstikov  the head of the training course. […]