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More than 3600 graduates in 17 years of activity.

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The A.V.T.  Software Team has created more than 25 software  products with the users audience of 262 000 people from 86 countries of the world.

About us

We are Information Technology Company
17 years of successful work.
More than 25 software products.
More than 3600 students.

A.V.T. is a team of professionals with more than 24 years of successful experience in developing and implementing educational programs and software projects for IT and business.

Since 2002 we are the managing partners, leading lectures and consultants of our educational division A.V.T. – Computer Education Center.

Since 2010 the A.V.T. was started mobile applications development.

Since 2014 the A.V.T. was started cloud solutions development.

  • Creating and implementing transformational category strategies

  • Ensuring that the supply chain services offered to end users amaze them cross all countries and channels

  • In both customers, systems and operations context

  • Both inside the company and with suppliers


Andrei Tolstikov

CTO & Co-founder at A.V.T.
Computer Systems & Software Engineer, IT Trainer

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